About Humble and Loving Ourselves - HALO


As I slept peacefully one night in the early 2000s, the name HALO kept entering my spirit. I could hear the soft whisper…HALO, then I could see it in living color. The background was vibrant, yet peaceful. I could feel love all around as I continued to hear a small still voice say HALO. When I awoke, I asked the Lord to help me with this dream. It would be weeks later before the Lord would speak to me about that dream, but when He spoke I felt something I had never felt before…PURPOSE.


As women we are many pieces of a whole. We are daughters, sisters, cousins, nieces, wives, mothers, friends, employees, entrepreneurs, and much more. Lets be honest, it can become overwhelming. There are days we all want to throw in the towel and say “I’m done…just done.” I spent many years feeling like I wanted to say those very words. For me the saddest part is I started feeling that way at a very young age when I should have been enjoying the innocence of growing. 


Today we have HALO. HALO is here to enrich and encourage women to love on ourselves in a way that keeps us grounded, whole, and sane. I have learned over the years that if I am broken and not loving on me, I can not truly, fully love on anyone else. What we need is love; but we must start with the woman in the mirror.


Will you join me in being humble and loving ourselves? Come on in…YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!