Boundaries and Mindset

The vlog for this week spoke on boundaries and do we set boundaries for ourselves. I mentioned that I do set boundaries for myself, boundaries that are to protect me from some pain. I can truly not be protected from pain, but I can protect myself from some pain. Those boundaries are set for me to reminded not to place myself in places, with people, or touch things that can cause me pain.

As I've been thinking more on boundaries, my thoughts went to mindset. Where our mindset in this season of our lives (whatever season that is) we have shifted our mindset from season to season. In the shift of mindset, we tend to shift our boundaries as well.

As the saying goes - one that I truly live by - when you know better, you do better. That is a mindset that set or should set boundaries. I hope you can continue to ponder the boundaries you have set for yourself and the mindset that it takes.

Until next time, stay Humble and Loving Ourselves.

Peace out and stay loving. Tshirt is for sale on the website or send me a message. You are loved and boundaries are a great thing!

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