I fell

I fell down and off

I have to admit, I feel down, then off and was lost for a while. In June of this year, 2021, my world has I knew it at that time went through a major shift. It was a shift I was not prepared for, but I saw some of it coming, I just didn’t know when, therefore, I didn’t prepare and that’s on me. We have to be open to seeing things for what they really are, not what we think they should be.

I had spent a lot of time trying to make a circle fit into a square which just ain’t gonna happen. During my months of reflection, I realized even more than I ever had that some things and/or people come into your life for a season, reason, or lifetime. Whether it’s a season, reason, or lifetime we should be embracing every moment and not trying to make a circle fit into a square. It just won’t work!

What will work is knowing yourself fully, respecting yourself fully, loving yourself fully, so that you are not trying to force something that just won’t fit.

With that said, we fall down, fall off, but we can and will get back up. When we learn to love and respect people and/or things for who and what they are - whether they fit or not - then we can embrace the moments for what they are; a season, reason, or lifetime.

Keep being humble. Keep loving. Keep loving in a way that others will see love, receive love and give love.


Humble and Loving Ourselves.

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