In her death

Have you ever felt fear but you always knew you had someone you could run to? Someone that could give you a good pep talk or maybe even tell you how dumb you are? For me, that person was my mama. My mama was good at giving advice…some good, some bad. Some of her advice I took, most of the time I didn’t but she was always there to give it. 

Now she’s gone. My sweet little mama that was full of opinions & advice has left me for her heavenly home. I guess God needed her opinionated self more. Just joking. My mama was tired. She really fought a great fight. She was always a servant at heart. Even in her last days she wanted to serve. 

My mama was faithful, caring, family oriented, fun, funny and had a knack at using certain words that could cut you to the core (but she did this with love). I never saw fear in my mama’s eyes. For the 45 1/2 years I’ve known her, I’ve never seen fear in her eyes. She may have felt fear but she never showed it. Mama took care of home, was abused by her 2nd husband, cared for her girls & everyone else kids, ran a in-home daycare, took care of the neighborhood family, her immediate family & never showed fear. 

Now my fearless, faithful mama is gone. In the days since her death, I’m learning. Learning of my fears. Learning of my strengths. Learning of what she left me. Learning how her death is showing me fearless, faithfulness, servanthood. 


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