It's Crazy but Reset

The past week has been a really rough week. The outdoor temp has been extreme. There was a funeral to attend. The part-time job that I work was crazy. Then there is life, always life.

Let me break it down -

I could have stayed in the comfort of my pleasantly cool home but I had to get out in those extreme temps to run errands. On one of those errands to Home Depot, when I went to start my car back up it was dead. It was dead dead and it was deadly heat outside in Texas. What is the first natural thing to do, panic? What did I do first, panic? Who can I call? What’s wrong with my car? After stepping back outside the car I remembered A) I have Triple AAA, B)I have a husband. I call my husband first who didn’t answer…uuurrrgghhhhh. Then here comes my Angel, a man sitting in a car next to me, who saved the day. He asked if I needed help, uh sure do, and he boosted Ms Toy right on up. We still have gentlemen y’all! They do exist. I was so grateful. Oh my husband called somewhere in the middle of all of this and told me to stay put because he was on his way, I did.

THEN, we attended a funeral of an in-laws mother. I was already sad, very sad, for this family and the loss of their Matriarch, it is never easy losing a mother. The Sunday before was my mother’s four year anniversary of her death so I was still emotionally full from that. But God!

THEN, the part-time job that I do from home had technical difficulties in the middle of a hectic two weeks…payroll. We don’t need technical difficulties while working and closing payroll. Repeat after me, STRESSFUL!

THEN, there is life. Life oh life. Some time ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. Lupus is painful. I haven’t met a survivor that does not deal with pain. Stress mixed with a couple of other things like heat is a trigger for me to have a flare-up. In a major flare-up my body is inflamed and HURTING. Y’all I’m in pain, major pain and I am not happy. Oh wait, did you know life doesn’t stop because you are having mishaps? It doesn’t. It goes on and on and on. Now I’m just trying to do the best I can to do what I can when I can. Ever been there?

THEN, I’m reminded that I can stop, shut everything off, and rest. I can RESET myself. I can RESET my atmosphere. I can take some time to get my mind together by clearing it of all things that went wrong. I can be INTENTIONAL to myself. Today I’m going to shut off the outside and do all the things that make we rested and rejuvenated.

From me to you,


You deserve it.

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