Let's Talk About it Tuesday

I have a really big pecan tree in my backyard. I love my backyard, I love the shade the tree provide on sunny days, I love the wood I get from the tree when I want to smoke some meat, and I love the the pecans I get from the tree…well, when I can get pecans from the tree. See what I don’t like is that these furry, long tail, beady eyed squirrels come and wreck havoc in my tree which wrecks havoc on my patio and sometimes my head.

There is a time of the year…now, Mid August when the pecan tree start to fill with pecans and the squirrels make their way to my backyard to take up residence. Therefore, the war begins. I want to enjoy my backyard and so does the squirrels. I want to have some pecans, ripe and ready, but the squirrels are determined the I don’t have any. It is so irritating especially having to sweep up their mess every morning.

The last couple of days I have sat in my backyard, as I do every morning when I can to meditate, where my heart has been bombarded with THERE IS SEED TIME AND HARVEST TIME. For days as I’ve sat quietly and could only hear, THERE IS SEED TIME AND HARVEST TIME.

I’m working on a garden for the first time. Once I’m done with my morning meditation I end with checking my garden. I water, check for bugs that may eat up my garden, and fertilize when it’s time. Being a gardener is truly an amazing teacher and experience. It can teach you a lot about life, seed time, giving a lot of love and attention, receiving love in return and harvest.

Okay back to these squirrels and my tree - so now as I’m sitting watching all these pecan shells fall from my tree because these squirrels are getting their belly full or running off to bury nuts for the winter, I’m reminded yet again that there is seed time and harvest time. They, the squirrels, have waited many months for my tree to produce so they could harvest, just as I’ve waited many months so I could enjoy the shade and few pecans they leave for me and reap the wonderful benefits that God has created.

We all are in a waiting game. I’m in a waiting game, the squirrels are in a waiting game, you are in a waiting game. We all reap what we sow. We plant good seeds that yield good harvest and there are times when we plant bad seeds that bring forth nothing or weeds that we have to spend a lot of time cutting, picking, and killing. There are also times that we reap from someone else hard work…I didn’t plant this tree but it is now mine to tend to and these little animals to feast on. There has been and will always be seed time and harvest time. It is up to you to plant good, do the work to nurture good, then reap good for enjoyment even if its others enjoying.

Today think on this -

What are you planting?

What do you want to harvest?

How will you use your in-between time?

Stay Humble and keep Loving Yourself

LaDena Young

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