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If you don’t know let me put you on to something, I’m working on my very first garden. The lessons from this process is never ending. I planted some cucumbers around the end of June, beginning of July with anticipation of having cucumbers by September or October since I was following this guide for a Fall harvest.

About 2 or 3 weeks after planting the seeds I saw sprouts. I saw a vine coming into view. Then these big green leaves came into view so naturally I became very excited. I was like “oh my I’m going to have cucumbers before September.” My granddaughter told me that cucumbers grew fast so I was very hopeful. When your grandchild is smart and of this new age, you get hopeful anytime they tell you something that interest you!

Day after day I go outside with an expecting spirit that I’m going to harvest my first cucumber off this vine. And guess what? I have not picked one cucumber. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen one budding cucumber, nothing. And guess what else? I keep going out there every morning watering when needed expecting to see cucumbers.

That sound like a lot of things in life, right? We go through life expecting something to happen quickly because it happened quickly for someone else, but for us, it’s a game of wait and see. We continue to want it right now, but the process says slow down homie!

This is what I have learned. If my cucumbers come in and I pick them too soon, they are useless. If I’m expecting something in my life to happen and it happens too fast, it could be useless. There is a lesson is all things. Don’t get all down and out if it doesn’t happen as fast as you want it to happen, there is a lesson in the process. Don’t lose your lesson trying to be too fast. Do you want something full of goodness and a sweet taste? I do! Therefore, I continue to water my seeds that are now vines and continue to wait for my harvest. All that I’m learning this go around will prepare me for the next go around…make sure you catch that!

Happy Tuesday

Humble and Loving Ourselves

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