Have you ever felt like something was missing? Have you ever felt like you didn't have enough of something? Have you ever felt like you would never have all that you needed? I have and I have felt it often.

For many years I spent days with a dread of lack. I felt I was lacking the money needed, I was lacking the right amount of friends or the smartness that so many others around me had. There was always something I was lacking that spiraled into a lot of complaining, that spiraled into joy being depleted. Its a vicious cycle I tell ya.

One night while my anxiety was rising, while I was thinking about what I was lacking, a small voice said to me that I lacked nothing. I told that voice that I begged to differ. I could not only see the lack, but I could feel it. But again I heard I lacked nothing. How could that be? How could I have all that I needed when I needed more of a lot of things.

Over some time, with some studying and soul searching, I have found that I lack nothing. I really do have all I need. Not only do I have all I need, but I have all God want me to have at this moment and in other moments of growth, He will provide more.

the Bible is full of instructions (meaning we have to put in some work) on how we can get the things we need. It is informational on how to make our money grow, acquire the right friends, and maintain a business. I have learned that the Bible is the best instructional book.

I have written a devotional titled Intentionally Me. This journal has snippets of my journey during my phases of lack and on to not lacking. Check out the journal and lets talk about it. I have copies for $10. Just email me and I'll get your copy to you. Hopefully they will be on the website soon.

I want you to remember that with our Saviour and with believing, we lack nothing. All things are possible to those you believe! BELIEVE DAT!

Ladies have a great week and I hope to hear from you soon. Don't forget the event 11/28/20...check the website

Peace and Love,

LaDena Young

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